Welcome to the It's A Yorkie World After All Yorkie Facts

         Ask your self first: Do I feel like I have time for a yorkie? Do I have erratic hours? A young pup needs a lot of attention and can not be by it's self that long. If you don't have much time at home a older dog is a big might for you. A Yorkshire Terrier is a toy breed dog (no teacups, micros, etc. are real) They can stay in a big house or a small apartment. Then ask your self: Can I afford a Yorkshire Terrier? They cost a lot of money, you got to keep up with all vet appointments. Plus you have to take them to the groomers allot! Do you have small kids? If so a Yorkshire Terrier pup is not for you. They can be hurt so easy. If you are going to get a purebred make sure you find a reputable breeder. Use your good sense when you visit a kennel. Does your breeder ask you questions? If so take that as a good sign. A good breeder will ask you questions too!
Here is the questions to ask a breeder and the answer you need:
  How long have you been breeding? They have been doing this for a while or if new to the breeder thing they have studied, talk to other breeders, and to vets!
  Can you see the parents of the yorkie? The answer should always be a yes.
  Do you have a health guarantee? Yes we have a 6 month, yes we have a year, or so on.....
  Are you willing to take the yorkie back is something is wrong with it? Yes we will.
   Have the parents been to regular vet check ups? This is a must yes!
   Do you temperament test the litter? Yes we do (this is how they act to stress and people. Although no one can tell you for sure how a pup will turn out 100%. This goes on how they are brought up. If they seen happy and friendly this is a real good sign.
 Why does every yorkie cost different prices? This is cause of a Yorkshire age, size, color, background history, your location, and sex of the Yorkshire Terrier.
 Make sure you get all papers from the breeder: bill of sale, contract, all registration papers, date of birth.
 If you are going to get 2 yorkies get ready for double trouble (but fun). As the grow up one will be bossy and the other will just follow. If you have 2 of the same sex they will fight over their territory.
 A puppy's brain does not start to develop until 12 weeks of age. This is when they start to shape how they will be. Do not buy a teacup they sale them to early. The best goes out from ages 10-16 weeks of age.
 Here are some ideas to keep kids clam around your yorkie. Set limits: make rule they can talk quite and speak gently or else they will scare the yorkie. Have a pow wow. Make a circle in the floor feet and toes touching the one beside them put the yorkie in middle and let him came to you and get to know you freely.
Five stages of a pup: Infancy (8 to 12 wks) Terrible Two's (12-16 wks) Adolescent (16-24 wks) Puberty (6-9 mths) Teen Age (9-12 mths) 1 yr. and older welcome to adult hood. They are not pups long. Although they do not get to be large they stay small growing up yorkie can be hard on you at times. You must give them time and show them you are the master or they will out rule you in no time.
 Separation Anxiety: this happens allot. Leave a TV or radio on when you are gone. Leave a fave chew toy rub in your hands for it can have your scent on it. Do not make say hello and good bye a big deal..this makes it harder on them. Place your yorkie in a dimly lighted area for your yorkie can go to sleep while you are away.
 When you bring your yorkie pup home he will sleep most of the time (all baby's do) he will grow out of this. Yorkies can have low blood sugar watch for this you can give them a tablespoon of corn syrup or vanilla yogurt w/cottage cheese.
 When travel with a yorkie always make sure you have water for him. Do not feed that much cause of car sickness. Have fun with your yorkie and love it. Do not buy from backyard breeders they do not study the breed. They will not be safe, they only breed to make the money. You will see signs hanging up puppies for sale, they will be in local new papers, and stuff like that. Do not but from pet stores, or puppy mills.
It's A Yorkie World After All